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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I create a server login?

    You can only create a server login on the Trackmania player page. Log in to the player page here. Then click on Dedicated Servers and enter your Player-Key. Then enter your desired server login and password and specify the location of your server. Save and you're done.

    What is my Validation Code?

    The validation code is the last 3 digits of your player key. If you bought your game via Steam, you need to check your Trackmania game details in your library under details and Playerkey.

    What is my Master Admin Login?

    This is the username you created during the first installation of the game. We need this to grant you XASECO rights as you otherwise cannot administer your server in-game.

    Why do we need your Contact Information (E-Mail)?

    Otherwise, we cannot provide you with access data for our panel.

    Where can I find the dedicated.cfg of my server?

    You can find it under /home/container/tmserver/GameData/Config

    How can I color the name of my server?

    You can color your server name with the following commands:

    $000 to $fff: Color

    $i: Italic

    $s: Shadow

    $w: Wide character spacing

    $n: Narrow character spacing

    $m: Normal character spacing

    $g: Default color

    $z: Default settings

    $$: To create a $ in the name

    For example, if the name should be in red with blue and italics, the command is $i$f00cloud$

    What do I do if I have forgotten my access data for the panel?

    Please contact support and we can reset your password, but you must provide us with an email address.

    Where is the XASECO folder located?


    Where can I find XASECO plugins?

    Please note that most plugins no longer work and can cause your server to crash. You can find them here.

    How can I install XASECO plugins?

    Go to the folder /home/container/xaseco. XML files always go into the root directory of XASECO unless it says otherwise in the installation instructions of your plugin. Then search for the plugins.xml and enter your plugin below, e.g., like this: <plugin>tesplugin.php</plugin>

    Where do I find the map folder?


    How can I add maps?

    Load maps into the track folder /home/container/tmserver/GameData/Tracks

    How can I create a backup?

    Backup -> create Backup

    What do I do if my server no longer starts?

    First look at the console and the XASECO logs /home/container/xaseco -> aseco.log and logfile.txt. If this does not solve the problem, contact support or reinstall your server via SETTINGS -> REINSTALL SERVER. Note that this can overwrite all files, so make sure you make a backup of your maps, the matchsetting (you can find your start matchsetting in, your database and the entire XASECO folder.

    How to backup my database?

    Log in to phpmyadmin you will find the data in the DATA.TXT under FILES. Click on your database on the left, click below on CHECK ALL then on the right on WITH SELTECTED choose EXPORT leave everything as it is and then click EXPORT down the bottom.